Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vested Again

Hi ladies!  I wore this vest here last week and I have been putting it on repeat!  It adds texture and flair to any basic outfit.  I had planned on wearing it with a black maxi skirt, but discovered mine has a hole in it, so I wore it with black jeans instead.  It looks great with sundresses as well.  

I purchased these black booties a couple of seasons ago at DSW for a steal.  I couldn't find the exact ones for a decent price.  The "similar suede booties" I linked below are a little out of my price range, but it looks like a well made shoe and maybe they will go on sale soon???

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Black maxi options: 
River Island $50 // Top Shop $38 // Alice & Olivia $45 // Worthington $17.99

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cognac, Olive & White

Hi ladies!  As the weather is begins to cool, a faux leather jacket and/ or a 
denim jacket can take your favorite summer outfits into fall.  I love this cognac color as it pairs so nicely with burgundy, mustard, olive and other autumn shades.  It can be difficult to find an affordable faux leather jacket that doesn't look cheap.  One thing I have learned is to search for one that does not have a lot of zippers, hardware or quilting.  Since it is a statement piece on it's own, it really does not to be adorned with any extra bells and whistles.  Plus, the extras tend to make the jacket look tacky.  I purchased this one last year at New York & Company, but I really like this one below too. 

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Looks

Modest Fall Looks

Hi ladies!  I put together another collage showcasing some fall looks I plan on wearing when the weather cools down!  Hope you enjoy!  And as always, thanks for reading!! 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transitional Looks

Transitional Looks
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Hi ladies!!  I have put together some looks here that will transition from summer to fall.  I chose skirts that were to the knee or below and tops that could be worn alone now or would be perfect for layering in the fall.  I also added some lightweight jackets that provide warmth and a splash of color.  A nice jacket can make your look more sophisticated and modern.  A bright yellow or light blue sweater would also look great with the floral skirt and almost any color would coordinate with the camel skirt. The exact items are below and I also added some similar items here from more recognizable retailers:

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Similar skirt // Similar Top (short sleeve) //Similar Top (Tank ) // Denim jacket // Yellow Handbag

Burgundy Blazer // Blush Blouse // Camel Skirt

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Double Scallop

Hi ladies!  I love a good black and white outfit!  It is classic and simple.   When I do buy neutral pieces, like these, I try to choose pieces that have a unique texture or subtle pattern to add intest to the look.
I keep reading about all the chemicals in our cosmetics and beauty products and lipstick seems to be one of the big ones that is tainted with lead, aluminum and carcinogens. I had stopped wearing lipstick all together because of the harsh chemicals and because it completely dried out my lips.  I had been using NYR's lip glosses for years now, but had never tried the lipstick and I am sooo glad I finally did!!  The lipstick is even more nourishing than the gloss!   And the color does not fade.  I love using them together to create the perfect blend of color, shine and hydration. 
If you are interested in purchasing any products, remember you get a 25 % discount if you become a consultant or you can earn free products by hosting a party!  Email me with any questions.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Green Tropical Smoothie

Hi ladies!  Today I am sharing a recipe for the BESTgreen tropical smoothie!  I usually don't exaggerate when it comes to food so I know you guys will love this smoothie.  My kids couldn't get enough and it is so nutritious.  It's so easy.  I use NYR's (of course ;-))  Organic Green Complex to add a flavorful and purifying dose of Spirulina, chlorella, spinach, wheat grass and parsley.  Here is an article explaining why Spirulina is so good for you.  I will also sprinkle a scoop of this on my plain yogurt and granola in the morning or even my soaked oats.  It's tastes much much better than it sounds!

The coconut water (not coconut milk) replenishes electrolytes and keeps you super hydrated.  It is low in carbs and fat and rich in potassium.  Plus, it gives the smoothie a nutty flavor that mixes well with the tropical fruit.  We make this smoothie all the time, but especially after a sickness, travel or a weekend of not eating well.

Green Tropical Smoothie
1 bag Trader Joes Tropical Fruit Blend (bananas, mangoes, strawberries, pineapples)
1 banana
2-3 cups coconut water
2-3 scoops Organic Greens Complex

There are only a few days left to purchase your starter kit with NYR Organics and build the life of your dreams for only $99!!   I will also be offering a FREE pouch of the Organic Greens Complex to the first three people who register as a consultant with me by August 17!! Your name will also be added to a raffle for the aromatherapy diffuser.  You will love these products, I promise!  You can read more about our starter kit here and becoming a consultant here.  Please email me with any questions!  Thanks for reading!!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Hi ladies!  I have had this dress for a couple of years now.  My cute mom and sister picked it out for me, and although I love it, it is hard to wear because of the camisole straps.  I prefer a little more coverage, but a tank underneath doesn't really work and a cardigan over the top looks kind of dowdy.  Last week, I picked up this long line vest at Target on a whim, and I am so glad I did!  It works perfectly with this dress, but would also look great with shorts and a tank!  Again, for you nursing mama's out there, it provides another layer of coverage when you have to nurse in public. ( I would slip my arm out of my dress while leaving the vest on and my back and shoulders would still stay covered).   I think it would also be a great layer to add to a basic maternity outfit to look a little more put together and to conceal any love handles from your ever changing body. 

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Blue Pinstripe

Hi ladies!  Blue and white is such a classic combination and an easy go to outfit in a pinch.
I have been wearing these white pants all the time this summer.  I carry this Tide To Go pen in 
my diaper bag and these pants have stayed super clean even with 4 kiddos! 

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Top Similar. Similar // Jeans // Handbag Simlar // Necklace Similar // Shoes // Earrings made
by my daughter

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Hi ladies!  Today I am sharing a few safe, non toxic and effective household cleaner recipes using essential oils.  As I started selling NYR Organics a few years ago, I began to learn more and more about all the wonderful properties and uses for essential oils.  On the other hand,  I have also discovered how synthetic our world really has become!   Everything from our soil to our cleaning products and our cosmetics to our water, have been tainted with harsh chemicals.  These chemicals can interrupt our endocrine systems, nervous systems and leave us with headaches, hormonal imbalance and illness.  Once I started having kids, I really began to discover that vinegar is just as powerful as bleach!  I started to use it often, but would sometimes go back to a household cleaner just because I didn't like the smell of vinegar and  a part of me would still want some chemical germ killing Clorox wipes when cleaning up after the kids had been sick or had an accident.
Once I started reading about the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-viral benefits of essential oils, I was hooked.  Adding these oils to my vinegar mixture, smells great and has given me piece of mind that my homemade cleaners actually work!!  Not to mention, you also receive the added benefits of aromatherapy while you are cleaning!  Who doesn't want to be relaxed or focused while cleaning?

All-Purpose Cleaner.  I have been using this for over a year now and works great for everything.  Countertops, tile floors, bathtubs, sinks, kids toys (if I ever get around to that), stove tops etc.
If my kids have been exposed to germs, this cleaner is so gentle I will even spray it in their bath!

3 cups water
1 cup white distilled vinegar (I was out of white vinegar when I made this batch so I used apple cider           vinegar- that is why the color is brown)
1 tsp baking soda
5-10 drops lavender
5-10 drops tea tree oil

Carpet Deodorizer.  This one is so easy and just refreshes your carpets.  It isn't really a carpet cleaner though, just helps to purify and combat odors.

5 drops essential oil of your choice.  (I picked mandarin because it's safe for littles, uplifts your mood and relaxes your nerves.  I am excited to use NYR's new Defence blend for this too.)

1 cup baking soda

Mix together, using a knife.  Sprinkle on carpets, let sit for at least 10 minutes then vacuum.  So easy!
You can use an old salt shaker, with a top with wider holes, to make it easier to "sprinkle".

Bleach Alternative.  I just discovered this one last week and I am so excited about it!  It is what inspired me to write this post.  Although my all purpose spray works great, every couple of months I feel our bathtubs and especially our kitchen sink need a good deep clean.  I found this recipe here and it works amazing!  She also adds citric acid, but I did not have any and it still worked great!  This cleaner made my stainless steel kitchen sink so shiny!  I wish I would have taken a before and after pick because it worked just as good as bleach if not better and we had been having issues keeping our sink fresh and clean.

1 1/2 cups 3% Hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup lemon juice
distilled water to fill gallon jar
10-15 drops lemongrass essential oil 

Some other tips:
- Put a drop of an essential oil on your toilet paper roll so every time someone pulls on the roll, you receive an automatic air freshener!
- Put a drop or two of a purifying essential oil on a cotton ball and put it the bottom of the garbage can, winter boots (when they are packed away), storage containers, musty closets etc.
- Diffuse or burn oils to purify air.  I read that they will begin to lose their benefits after an hour or so, so use intermittently so as not to waste your oils!

*Also, I am so excited to try NYR's newest blend Defence.  This blend provides natural protection against common viruses and bacterias.  There are a lot of similar blends on the market that offer immunity protection, however, they contain Rosemary and Eucalyptus which, there is some evidence, can be harmful to children under 10.  I love that this is a safer alternative and will be making a hand sanitizer spray and room freshener spray.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Brights

Hi ladies!!  I love maxi skirts because not only can you wear them during all seasons, but also you can dress them up or down.  I paired this bright orange maxi skirt with a comfy, cotton tank and rainbow statement necklace.  I normally prefer longer necklaces but those often get in the way when I am carrying my one year old around.  I was able to wear her around all day and she enjoyed playing with it!  

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Top // Skirt: LOFT Similar, Similar, Similar //

One of our chickens photobombing!!  My girls were cracking up because this little chicken was doing some serious posing!  So funny!

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~ Rose

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pop of Plaid

Hi ladies!
This outfit felt a little boring so I added a pop of color around my waist.  This color plaid shirt is also great for transitioning into the fall season.  (It also can double as nursing cover, used to drape over the stroller or car seat to shade the baby from the sun, and even to swaddle the baby!)

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~ Rose