Hi!  My name is Rose.  I am a catholic homeschooling mom of four little girls with a love for dance, fashion, music and healthy eating.

I created this blog to give readers a realistic and practical approach to fashion.  Since I always have four little ones with me, I rarely wear heels, anything dry clean only or expensive pieces (unless on sale).  I have also been either pregnant or nursing now for over 7 years, so I have learned what items to purchase when your body is ever changing.

I also intend for this blog to be less about the clothing I am wearing, but more about helping other women rediscover what makes you, YOU!!  We women are called to serve our families and devote ourselves to them all day and all night.  I always remind myself to not take one second of this service for granted, but I also find, when I take just a few minutes for myself, (for me that is simply getting ready) our days go much smoother.  I feel more productive and have more energy.  Our minds are always worrying, planning, preparing, researching every decision we make for the future of our precious families.  With the introduction of social media, and constant influx of articles ridiculing certain decisions- to vaccinate or not, to eat organic or not, to homeschool or send the kids to public school, to stay at home or to work- it can be very overwhelming.
I'd like this blog to be a place where we can celebrate each other's decisions and encourage and support each other's God given strengths and weaknesses.  God has given us all unique situations, personalities and people in our lives so of course we are all being called to make different choices.  Although the sacrifices we make with our time, energy, and even our bodies are truly what make us beautiful, the occasional perfect fitting dress can make us feel pretty too!

Lastly, I'd like to share the best all natural & organic beauty products on the market right now.  Neal's Yard Remedies started about 30 years ago in the UK, and expanded into the US about 7 years ago.  They have been utilizing the power of essential oils way before they were popular.  I have learned first hand that this company puts product safety far above their bottom line, and all of their products are truly amazing.  At first, I became a consultant only for the discount, without any intention of selling, but I found I was so excited about everything I tried that selling them just came naturally.  I would love for you to join my team!   Click this link to view the products or learn more about becoming a consultant. Thank you!


  1. You're adorable. Love your blog!! I recently pared down my wardrobe to my essentials and added a few very versatile pieces. How do you feel about the capsule wardrobe trend?

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I JUST came across that trend and it is very intriguing! I tend to gravitate towards the same pieces just different accessories so I'll have to take a closer look! Thanks for the comment! Miss you guys!

  2. I really enjoy the blog! You always look SO cute so this is a great format for you!

  3. Thanks Lauren!! Can't wait for your running blog!!