Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hi ladies!  Not much to say today, but here is a comfy, easy outfit that is great for running errands and taking the kids to the park.

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I am trying to avoid thinking (ok obsessing) about labor and instead, trying to focus on those 20-30 minutes after my baby is born.  It is always such an indescribable moment and it is almost euphoric.  The doctor hands over your little one and you are completely in love with your little baby who you feel you have been missing your whole life and your body is just so relaxed and relieved to have just done something so incredible.  Anyway, I have always brought newborn photos of my other kids too during labor to help me through it and that has helped as well.  

Thanks for listening! 

~ Rose 
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  1. Hello from the WW Link Up! Congrats! You look absolutely stunning and not nervous at all, haha! I'm not a mother (yet) but the way you describe it is what I always hoped it would be.
    Glass of Glam