Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Therapeutic Playdough

Hi ladies!  I'm sharing one of my first successful Pinterest projects with you today!  Most of my attempts to recreate the lovely images you see on Pinterest have ended quite badly, but this turned out wonderfully and my little ones LOVED it!!  I have tried making playdough numerous times and the consistency has never been quite right, but this recipe from The Prarie Homestead was perfect.  Ever since I became an independent consultant for NYR Organics, I have been slowly stocking up on essential oils and was excited to use a few of my favorites for this project.

I gave each of my kids their own bowl with the dry ingredients and then helped them cook one at a time.  They loved mixing in the colors and were so excited about adding the oils to make it fragrant.  Lavender promotes relaxation, Mandarin gently calms nerves and emotions while increasing focus, and Lemon is purifying, supports a positive mood and healthy respiratory function.  So the kids are receiving the added benefits of aromatherapy while playing!  I had delusions of my nap resistant 3 yr old falling asleep while playing with the lavender and it was not quite that good but they did play with the playdough peacefully for hours in different scenarios without arguing.  I'm putting this aside and only taking it out during "school hours" once we start up homeschooling again.  Please click on the links or email me if you are interested in purchasing any oils.

Thanks for reading!! 

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  1. Your daughters are adorable!! Amazing job at the play dough! I never even thought of this!!