Friday, February 19, 2016

Out of Commission

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Coat STOMP Exact Style (on sale) // Sweater Ann Taylor // Flannel Victoria Secret Similar // 
Denim LOFT // Socks J Crew // Boots DSW Exact Style // Sunglasses Target //
Handbag Ann Taylor // Earrings J Crew Factory Similar //
 Necklace Mint Julep Boutique Similar (only $15)//

Hi ladies!  It is sooo cold outside!!  I am thankful I was able to scoop up this North Face coat at a local boutique for 15% off.  I've never had a North Face coat like this before and it is so seriously warm.  It is pricey but so worth it.  I don't see myself having to replace it for a long while.  My older two kids really love playing in the snow and could be outside for hours in the freezing cold, so I am glad I can join them for a while now more comfortably.  I also finally got myself some waterproof boots.  I used to just wear  Uggs all the time in the snow, but they really aren't waterproof so my feet would get wet and obviously get cold.  These Tommy Hilfiger boots also provide a lot of traction which is helpful when carrying babies and pulling children in sleds, etc. 

On Saturday, my little 4 year old contracted pink eye and then I got it from her on Monday.  And yikes!  I had forgotten how painful pink eye can be!  She kept waking in the middle of night screaming in pain and all I could really do was snuggle her and hold a cold compress on her eyes.  It is such a helpless feeling to not really be able to help your child when they are in pain.  It really deepened my compassion towards parents of children with actual serious illnesses.  How devastating and terrifying?  And what a heavy cross to bear.  I would love to know how we can help families who experience this kind of pain.  We do donate to St. Jude's Charity, but I would love to hear of some other good organizations as well.  Definitely helped me to put things in perspective. 

On a lighter note, not being able to focus on my normal household duties because I was tied up in consoling my little one, washing everything she touched, constantly disinfecting everything (including myself in hopes that this won't spread to my other kids) and trying to school my older kids (and keep them from going stir crazy), really showed me how much I do actually do on a daily basis.  Sometimes, at the end of the day, I can feel a bit defeated because I am exhausted but really have nothing to show for it.  Any cleaning I accomplished that day did not stay clean for long, no one would eat the wholesome meal I spent the entire length of the baby's nap preparing and all the clothes I meticulously folded just got shoved into the kids drawers without regard.  It can feel like you can never get anything done, but trust me, after basically being "out of commission" for two days this house WAS A DISASTER.  And it is a good reminder of all the little things we, as mothers and wives, must do throughout the day to keep the household afloat.  So to anyone who is struggling- you are doing great!!  Take a break to play with your kids and try not to feel too overwhelmed!!  

One last thing, I have been using this all natural hand sanitizer from NYR on myself and the children during our little pink eye outbreak and it is so gentle on the skin.  It is made up of germ killing essential oils and safely diluted with witch hazel.  I have been alternating between this and the chemical stuff (just in case) and we seem to have been able to stop it from spreading so far.  Our Defence Spray is 20% off this month and it is a great alternative for children and does not dry out the skin.  Contact me if you have any questions!   I also use this Baby Balm ALL the time in winter.  It is great for the diaper area of course, but I also use it under the kids noses when they have a runny nose and on their cheeks if it is really windy and cold.  My daughter's skin was also getting irritated under her eyes (from the eye drops we had to give her to battle the pink eye) so I started applying this under her eyes first, then giving her the eye drops.  It really made a difference, but she still hated those eye drops with a passion!  

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Thanks for reading! 

~ Rose 

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