Saturday, February 6, 2016

Morning Skincare Routine & 20% off Winter Wellness

Hi ladies!!  So obviously, I am not even close to an expert when it comes to make up.  That is why I feel so lucky that I discovered Neal's Yard Remedies when I did!   As some of you know, I have been a consultant for Neal Yard's Remedies for a while now.  We are an all natural and organic skincare line that started over 30 years ago in London.  We have been utilizing the power of nature and essential oils long before it became a fad.  I truly love these products and feel that my skin is so much healthier, vibrant, clearer and smoother since becoming a consultant 3 years ago.  Above are the products I use on a daily basis.

First I use the Rose Facial Wash.  This is formulated for normal or sensitive skin.  I switch between the Rose, Orange Flower & Francinense face washes and toners because I love them all and so I pretty much will just use whatever is on sale when I need them.  The Rose Facial Wash is loaded with antioxidants and smoothing rose petals.  It smells heavenly.

Second, I use the Orange Flower Toner.  The Orange Flower line is sooo nourishing and also smells amazing.  I like to use the Orange Flower Toner particularly in the winter because my skin gets dry.  Any of our toners are a must have because they remove impurities, prepare skin to soak up the moisturizer, have antibacterial properties and also remove residue from any face wash.  Sometimes if I am really lazy at night, I will just use the toner and moisturizer and skip washing my face.  I recommend using these exfoliating pads to apply the toner.

Third, I use the Frankincense Hydrating Cream.  Frankincense has been used for ages and helps to diminish wrinkles and fine lines.  Frankincense also does wonders in lifting your mood.  A great way to begin and end your day, right?  This products really helps my skin in the winter as well.  Very hydrating (hence the name).

Fourth, I add the White Tea Under Eye Cream.  My 18 month old occasionally sleeps all night, but it seems like when she does, the other kids come in with a nightmare or a foot cramp or have wet the bed or just need to snuggle, so sleep is definitely lacking in our household!!  The comedian, Jim Gaffigan, jokes about the kids taking shifts to come in and annoy the parents during the night and it is sooo true!  I love it though.  However, the bags are under my eyes are getting more and more noticable, but this cream really helps!  White Tea is also full of powerful anti oxidants so it helps to reduce redness and puffiness within minutes !

Last, I add a little bit of Wild Rose Beauty Balm to my checks and forehead for some extra protection against harsh winds and sun and to add a little glow.  I don't wear make up everyday,  so this helps to give my keeps some color.

Also, this month it is only $75 to become a consultant with me (flyer below)!!  It is such a good deal!  The Anti-Aging Frankincense Intense Cream is worth that alone!  Even if you don't plan on selling right away, it is a great way to get started to learn about essential oils, begin receiving the 25% discount and trying all the luxurious products!  Email me or visit my website or the beauty products link on this site to learn more about becoming a consultant.  There is also no minimum you have to purchase.

Our Winter Wellness products are also 20% off right now.  I'll be doing a post next week with all of our smoothie recipes!  

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  1. These all sound so fragrant and cleansing, thanks for sharing!

    Chow Down USA

    1. Love them!! I'd be happy to send you Some samples to if you are interested!

  2. I have never heard of this brand! Sounds awesome! I need to check it out!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

    1. I'm obsessed!! I'd love to send you some samples if you are interested!