Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer Skin & Hair Rescue

Hi ladies!  The kiddos have kept me busy this summer with constantly going to the pool, beach and my parent's lake house.  While I love being near the water when it's hot (who doesn't, right?), the sun, chemicals, and lake water definitely takes a toll on my hair and skin.  I have a couple of NYR products that I absolutely swear by for restoring health and shine to your skin and hair.  My absolute favorite product is our Wild Rose Beauty Balm and our Almond Oil takes a close second.  I love pampering myself at least once a week too with our facial mask.  I hadn't used our hair mask in a while, but I will tell you more about that below as well.  

1.  Wild Rose Beauty Balm- I have probably talked about this product on the blog before because I use it ALL THE TIME.  Not only is it extremely hydrating and nourishing, but also it is a mild exfoliator so it is removing the dead or dry skin as you are applying it.  I use it whenever I have dry patches and I also apply it all over my face after I use the Facial Mask.  I also put some on my cheekbones to accentuate my cheeks and add that "glow".  This product is also great on sunburns, particularly on your face and scars too.   

2.  Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment- I had been looking for a product that helps with all my flyaways because after 4 babies, I seem to have "new growth" all over and it is all different lengths now.  I found this in the back of my closet, and I couldn't believe I had forgotten about it.  I had used over a year ago when I was struggling with dandruff (here), but since I used it a couple of times, my problem was cured and I had forgotten about it!  So I used it the other day, and it made my hair so shiny and smooth!  I couldn't believe I had forgotten about it!!  It smells great and only contains a few ingredients so you know you are putting a healthy treatment in your lovely locks!  Again, you really only need a little of this- it is a little difficult to wash out, but so worth it!  

3.  Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask-  I try to revive my skin with this facial mask at least twice a month.  The kaolin clay base and maple gently purify and cleanse the skin while the wild rosehip oil provides nourishment and tons of antioxidants.  I can almost see my skin glowing immediately after I rinse it off!  

4.  Almond Oil- This light, cold pressed skin conditioning oil is for all skin types and helps the skin to retain moisture.  When my skin from the neck down is dry from the pool, I apply this before my lotion and the lotion glides right on and soaks into my skin immediately.  It is also great for my stretch marks and because there are no additives it is great for pregnant women, babies and children.  I will also add a little to the ends of my hair when they begin to frizz (just use a little on your hair though- a little goes a long way!).  

We also have a few other promotions and new products this month that I am really excited about so please check them out and don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!  I would really love to add some ladies to my team so please consider joining me!  I am not pushy and the discount makes it sooo worth it!  If you are interested in any samples or hosting an online party to earn free products let me know too!  Also "like" my Facebook page if you are interested in learning monthly specials.

Thanks for reading! 

~ Rose 

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